our pastor: dr. Cheryl minter
Cheryl Minter

Senior Pastor

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Dr. Cheryl Williams-Minter Senior Pastor – Anointed Word Life Center Dr. Cheryl Williams-Minter is a 2016 recipient of the President’s Outstanding Community Service Award, bestowed by President Barak H. Obama. She is a dynamic speaker, author, leadership/ motivational coach, and an anointed minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - teaching and evangelizing throughout the United States. Dr. Williams-Minter currently serves as Senior Pastor of Anointed Word Life Center in East Point, Georgia. She strives to bring healing, restoration, and balance to the lives of others through the ministry, community outreach, and her Moving Forward Empowerment Coaching Services. Throughout her 30- plus years in ministry, she continues to hold yearly ”Beauty for Ashes” and “I was not Built to Break” conferences, which target those who have been displaced by life’s challenges. . Pastor Cheryl Williams-Minter graduated from Tennessee State University in 1982 with a Bachelors of Science in Education. She is a 1992 graduate of World Changers Ministries School of Ministry, under the direction of Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Jr., with concentrations in counseling and ministerial education. Additionally, she hold a Masters in Family Counseling and Doctorate of Theology degree from Dowell Institute & Technology Seminary.

16--points to walking in Faith

Faith without works is dead! Without Faith, it's impossible to please Him(God) 


1) Faith is always obedient to the word of God.

2) Faith produces Doers... 

3) Faith displays itself in works

4) Faith is more than mere words.

5) Faith is demonstrated by Trusting God while being obedient at the same time. Harmony or unity

6) Faith controls the tongue. 

7) Faith can and will get the job done.

8) Faith waits patiently on the Lord

9) Faith act wisely 

10) Faith causes you to choose Gods word over everyone and earthly words or cliche 

11) Faith causes you to chose God

12) Faith will cause you to be a contender (Fight for what's rightfully yours) 

13) Faith will declare you the winner before the fight even starts

14) Faith will cause you to have Favor 

15) Faith will make you be at peace with God and yourself

16) Faith will make you favorable  or pleasing in God's eyes